Computer Security
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Computer Security
Computer Security
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Cyber threats and cyberattacks to your company’s and your personal computer systems are real.  You see it almost weekly with attacks putting your personal and company information at risk. A security breach to your personal or work online data can result in the loss of money and time, identify theft, and stolen health, financial and personal information.  This course educates the learner on computer security for their office and home computers and other portable and mobile devices.



To educate the learner on computer security for their office and home computers and other portable and mobile devices.




Upon completion of this course you will be able to:


  • Explain why it is important to follow computer security best practices.
  • Describe the types of threats that can occur to your computer and to your organizations’ systems and how to avoid them.
  • List the security measures you must take to protect your computer.
  • Explain the significance of and how to create strong passwords.


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After completing this course you will be able to ensure the 
safety and security of your personal and work computers and 
mobile devise against viruses, hackers and other threats.
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