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Enter Registration Key(s) to Begin Training

Our online store is integrated with our learning management system so you can begin training with your purchased courses in a matter of minutes. 


The system generates registration keys for purchases allowing for self-registration into the training courses. This convenient method allows you to purchase courses for multiple learners and then distribute the registration key(s) to the learners so they can register themselves in the LMS, enter the registration key(s) of the purchased course(s) and begin training immediately. 


You will receive an order confirmation email after you complete your purchase that contains your registration key(s).  The email also includes the following simple steps for entering registration key(s). Be sure to check your spam filter if you do not receive the email in your inbox.

  1. Log into the LMS using the Username and Password you created in the store. 
  2. Click on the "Enter Registration Key" button on your Learner Dashboard. 
  3. Enter the registration key(s) in the entry box that opens.  You can enter multiple registration keys by clicking the + sign.  You can now launch your courses to begin training.    


Registering Other Learners 


If you purchased courses for other learners you just need to send them the registration key(s) and they can register themselves for training.  They will go to the LMS and click the "Register" button on the home page.  They will then create their account and enter the course registration key(s) in the entry box(s) that displays.  


Training Reporting


The system will automatically create a "Department" in the LMS with the company name entered in the checkout process.  The person completing the purchase will receive the "Manager" security role in the LMS to allow him/her to run training status and completion reports.


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