Patient Abuse and Neglect
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Patient Abuse and Neglect
Patient Abuse and Neglect
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Abuse and neglect can happen to any patient; however, elderly and mentally or physically disabled patients are at a higher risk, as are those in long-term care facilities.  It is not known for certain how many patients suffer or have suffered from abuse because many cases go unreported and unrecognized. Often, healthcare professionals miss the signs of patient abuse because they haven’t had adequate training on detecting abuse.  This course provides the information healthcare workers need recognize patient abuse and neglect and how to prevent it from happening.


Course Objectives 

  • At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Describe the five types of patient abuse and characteristics of each. 
  • Recognize common signs of patient abuse and neglect.
  • Recall the importance of prompt reporting and proper documentation. 
  • Describe ways to prevent patient abuse and neglect.


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Educate your staff to recognize and prevent patient abuse 
and neglect from happening.
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Protect your healthcare employees and ensure they know how to work safely!
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