Chemical Safety
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Chemical Safety
Chemical Safety
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The healthcare industry is a high-risk industry to the workers it employs, particularly when it comes to chemical use. The use of chemicals is widespread in healthcare and includes: cleaning agents, disinfecting and sterilizing agents, laboratory chemicals, medical gases, anesthetic agents, and cytotoxic drugs and pharmaceutical substances. If improperly used, handled, or stored, chemicals can cause serious harm to healthcare workers and patients. This course is informs healthcare workers on chemical hazards and how to safely use, store and handle chemicals.



Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Recall the two main chemical classes and examples from each class.
  • List the three routes of chemical exposure.
  • Explain the dose response relationship.
  • Recall health and safety problems posed by chemical exposure.
  • Recall common exposure limit terms and why exposure limits are important; and
  • List types of prevention and protection methods and understand when each should be used.


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This course informs healthcare workers on chemical hazards 
and how to safely use, store and handle chemicals.
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Protect your healthcare employees and ensure they know how to work safely!
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